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in-manas: Intelligent Management Solutions


With my consulting solutions, we digitalize your consulting process.

This will make you faster, more effective & more efficient, enabling you to inspire your customers with new possibilities.

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The first digital consulting assistance system for consultants

my consulting solutions is your personal, digital consulting assistance system that enables you to carry out future-oriented consulting work. 

Would you like to advise more effectively and efficiently? Create a completely new experience for your customers? Build a lasting customer relationship and implement new business models? All this becomes possible with my consulting solutions! How exactly do we do it?

  • With your digital consultant module set: We digitalize your consulting process and in doing so, individually respond to your own specific consulting logic. This enables you to handle your customer projects - from analysis to collaborative idea development to implementation controlling - much faster and more comprehensively.
  • With the smart toolbox: In addition, you have a wide selection of digital top management tools and consulting solutions such as "Developing new & revolutionary business models" or "Developing sustainability strategies" etc. at your disposal.

  • With the digital customer module: Furthermore, you can permanently interact with your customers via our digital consulting assistance system, even after the completion of a project. In this way, you ensure lasting customer loyalty

Your digital consultant module set & the smart toolbox

Increase the performance & profitability of your consulting company!

Increasing performance and profitability? Sounds "simple". Well, it is!  With the digital consultant module set and the smart toolbox from my consulting solutions, you benefit twice over:

  • Your consulting processes, including all methods and tools that distinguish your work, are mapped by us in your personal my consulting solutions environment. You receive your digital consultant module set from us and can thus implement all customer projects - from analysis to collaborative idea development to implementation controlling - faster and more comprehensively and on a digital basis.
  • In addition, with the smart module set we provide you with a first class selection of digitalized top management tools and consulting solutions. This means you can expand your digital toolbox at any time.

Your digital consultant module set  the smart tool box

in detail

The three success factors for consultants

1. Implement significantly more effective and efficient advisory and qualification processes

With my consulting solutions you can

  • reduce your costs by at least 30 percent by using fast, digitally supported consulting processes.
  • access a variety of top management tools and consulting solutions - for example the application areas "Developing new & revolutionary business models" or "Developing sustainability strategies".
  • execute and complete your projects far more quickly.
  • enable faster onboarding and qualification for new consultants.
  • provide your managers with informal learning experiences through continuous work with integrated management concepts, methods, and tools: learning on the job!

2. Create a completely new consulting experience for your customers

With my consulting solutions you can

  • work on projects together with your customers.
  • carry out analyses and surveys quickly and efficiently.
  • network easily and effectively with internal and external knowledge carriers.

3. Build lasting customer relationships and new business opportunities

With my consulting solutions 

  • your customers can access the platform’s "world of knowledge", which includes continuously updated benchmarks, environment developments, trends, innovations etc. using a sublicense granted by you.
  • you can become a permanent source of strategic guidance for your customers by means of a constant exchange of knowledge.

The digital customer module

Enable your customers to rise above the competition and thus increase customer loyalty to your company!

As an important element of differentiation, you can provide your customers with their own digital customer module. This will help you systematically grow a relationship with your customers – a win-win situation, which works like this:

  • The customers receive access to sub-areas of the consulting assistance system via a sublicense you grant them, for example to the "world of knowledge" with the latest trend information or benchmarks.
  • As a consultant, you in turn can interact with the customer in various roles, for example as an informative expert or accompanying advisor.

the digital customer module


Want to learn more?

Dive into the age of Consulting 4.0 together with us in a guided video conference!

If you would like to learn more about the functions and possibilities of the first digital consulting assistance system, contact us with your preferred 2-3 dates. We will contact you immediately and you can dive into the age of Consulting 4.0 with us via video conference.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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