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The new world of consulting: Choose the right interactive method and solution set from our toolbox as per your specific requirements and make use of its various application possibilities





Increase quality, performance, and profitability in consulting? Sounds simple? It is! With the smart toolkit from my consulting solutions, you get double the benefit:


  1. With the smart toolkit, we provide you with a "select" choice of digitalised management tools. Our toolset is constantly being expanded. Furthermore, you can adapt each solution yourself.
  2. In addition, you have direct access to comprehensive consulting solutions, be it "Developing corporate strategy", "Building innovation strategy" or "Designing new business models". You can also easily adapt these digitalised solutions to suit your requirements.

The smart toolbox

A range of advantages

The right tool for many consulting topics


Depending on the problem, you can

  • select the relevant analysis or conception tool with one click,
  • adapt the respective tool to your needs, or even integrate several different tools into one singular process, or
  • integrate several tools into one process.

Use new consulting solutions


When you come across issues with clients for which you have not yet developed your own solution proposal,

  • you can select the appropriate solution - for instance a process in combination with corresponding tools - with a single click, and start the project together with the client or,
  • if necessary, adapt the proposed process and the tools individually.

Collaborative and time- and location-independent work in the project


With the digitalised tools and solution processes,

  • the members of your consulting team,
  • all of the client's employees involved in the project, and
  • selected external participants and knowledge carriers

can work on analyses and the development of ideas and solutions directly on your platform, using a wide range of strategy development methods, working both individually and collectively. The physical presence of the project participants is therefore no longer a must even in the preliminary phase of important workshops. Otherwise, you can simply use the tools internally, for instance as part of internal workshops


Want to learn more?

Dive into the age of Consulting 4.0 together with us in a guided video conference!

If you would like to learn more about the functions and possibilities of the first digital consulting assistance system, please let us know your preferred 2-3 dates. We will contact you immediately and you will dive into the age of Consulting 4.0 with us via video conference.

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