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Our futuristic customer-loyalty strategy can open up new revenue streams for you! Grant your customers digital access to your very own knowledge and tool platform, with content you define, for a fee.



Consulting 4.0 – from project business to permanent customer membership!

Intelligently expanding your own business model

my consulting solutions - for you as a consultant, this is a novel option for client retention.

  • You can establish your own knowledge and tool platform for your clients and offer them individualised access via memberships.
  • You enable your clients to work on specific topics themselves and to access specific know-how and best practices at any time.

In this way, you ensure secure customer loyalty and can also generate new, sustainable revenue streams using smart membership logic.

The elements of the knowledge and tool platform for your customers


Ideas and

This tool enables your customers to identify future opportunities and risks themselves.

Customers from a wide range of sectors can use the smart trend radar to assess the specific effects of a comprehensive range of mega and macro trends on their own company, as well as on the economy and on wider society.

And the best part:

As a consultant, you can not only provide your clients with ongoing updates or additional research whilst communicating with them; in case of critical questions, you are automatically the first point of contact from the perspective of your clients.

CYour clients can use these to develop their strategic performance and innovation skills.

Give your clients access to a management toolbox customised by you. Empower them to effectively solve challenges on their own.

And the best part:

As a consultant, you not only offer companies a specific qualification process in in terms of tool application - you also always remain present as an advisor and expert.

Let your customers expand their own innovation horizons in a targeted manner.

With the Innovation Compass, you can enable your customers to

  • search for innovations, enabling them to obtain valuable input for current questions and problems, and
  • be inspired at any time via mobile app or via browser at their workplace.

And the best part:

Last but not least, you as a consultant can offer companies the option to create customised searches and have results fed into the Innovation Compass.

This provides customers with the ideal space to collaboratively develop the best ideas and approaches.


By granting them access to the digital workshop, you enable your customers to work with any number of people on virtual pinboards on a wide range of questions and problems, regardless of time and place – truly the spirit of open innovation and new work.

Participants can post their own solution suggestions on the virtual pinboard at any time and rate and comment on the contributions of other participants.

And the best part:

As a consultant, you have the option of taking over the moderation of these processes or results-workshops.



Dive into the age of Consulting 4.0 together with us in a guided video conference!

If you would like to learn more about the functions and possibilities of the first digital consulting assistance system, please let us know your preferred 2-3 dates. We will contact you immediately and you will dive into the age of Consulting 4.0 with us via video conference..

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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